One Punch Man Workout

Saitama One Punch Man
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One Punch Man Workout

Since 2009, I’ve pursued the adventures of this bare boss named Saitama. What’s more, in an uncover only a couple of years back, he shares his superpowered preparing schedule.

Initial, a prologue to the manga on the off chance that you aren’t recognizable: Saitama is an uncovered saint who has an eccentric issue.

He is too solid to even think about satisfying his longing to have a testing battle, and regularly closes foes with world-completion powers with a solitary punch.

Thus “One Punch Man”.

Saitama One Punch Man

The manga itself began as a joke, jabbing fun at Japan’s activity manga/anime buzzwords.

After some time, it has spun off into a well-drawn (and now, very much energized) arrangement drawing numerous fans who long to see Saitama require more than one great hit to kill a beast.


Saitama, in genuine business mode.

In the arrangement, he uncovers his mystery preparing that changed him from a modest Japanese man into a superhuman. This is the One Punch Man Workout.

One Punch Man Workout Routine

  1. 100 Push-Ups
  2. 100 Sit-Ups
  3. 100 Squats
  4. 10KM Running (that is 6.2 miles)

Rehash 7 days seven days. That is it!

One Punch Man Workout Manga

What Will Saitama’s Workout Do For You?

Presently, a couple of perceptions on this daily schedule, contrasted with genuine schedules like Roam Strong’s Workout System.

Will you detonate things in a single punch and go uncovered?

Most likely not. Yet, the routine is quite great and offers some astounding wellbeing and body benefits.

This framework hits many real development designs. You have a pushing movement (push-ups), center preparing (sit-ups), leg preparing (squats), and some cardio (running).

To the extent wellness schedules goes, this is better than what individuals regularly do at the exercise center.

That is, these bodyweight practices hit more muscle bunches in an increasingly common example.

No link twists, no interesting constrained machine developments, and substantially less damage hazard since all activities are bodyweight as it were.

You could anticipate that a normal like this should be extraordinary for a real warrior.

Fighters, military craftsmen, and different competitors searching for both touchiness and strong perseverance (so you can toss a LOT of good punches, not only one) advantage from high-rep works out, similar to 100 reps would achieve.

Your cardiovascular molding and solid continuance would be exceptional in the abdominal area (100 push-ups in succession is a great deal), yet you’d expect recently normal center and legs contrasted with a conventional exercise center goer.

100 squats and 100 sit-ups isn’t the most attempting achievement on muscle.

Your cardiovascular wellbeing would be staggering! You have a decent offset of solidarity work with street work (an old boxing term for running), and the two together transform your body into a juggernaut of wellness.

What’s more, since everything is bodyweight, you have no dread of expanding up in weight. On the off chance that you begin to put on wasteful weight (fat), accomplishing more push-ups, squats, and sit-ups winds up more earnestly.

So this bodyweight exercise works superbly of directing fat gain, however promising muscle gain.

Be that as it may, this routine would not be the best in case you’re looking to crude muscle size or crude muscle quality. While you will see positive muscle estimate increments and quality builds, the routine does not concentrate on them.

You are in an ideal situation following my bodyweight exercise framework or a traditional weightlifting convention like Ice Cream Fitness in the event that you need to lift substantial things.

It likewise comes up short on a pulling development design, as found in force ups. Counting pull-ups would make this an impenetrable exercise plan. On the off chance that you approach a bar or can manage the cost of one, totally include pull-ups. Simply don’t hope to hit 100 reps of them!

Geniuses of the One Punch Man Workout:

  1. Strong Endurance
  2. Cardiovascular Endurance
  3. Super fun
  4. Easy to pursue
  5. No gear required!

Cons of the One Punch Man Workout:

  1. Not the best for hypertrophy (muscle measure development)
  2. Doesn’t construct superb power generation (crude quality for overwhelming loads)

Approaches to Work Up to Saitama’s Workout

This exercise is a quite energizing and successful approach to get truly fit, regardless of whether you’re as of now exceptionally unfit.

So, Saitama’s exercise isn’t as straightforward as simply working out 100 reps of the 3 activities and running 6.2 miles. In any case, I have an answer.

Separate the 100 reps into different sets, with a 2-3 minute break inbetween. So rather than 100 reps of push-ups straight, you’ll work up to completing 5 sets of 20 (100 reps all out). At that point 5 sets of 25 (125 reps all out). At that point 4×25 (100 reps absolute). Etc.

The thought is, the less sets you have to get up to (or past) 100 reps, the better your strong continuance and crude quality potential move toward becoming. Also, in the long run, you’ll see you just need 1 set to hit 100 push-ups!

Instead of having a solitary exercise time to do all these, endeavor to work in little arrangements of 1-10 reps during that time of each activity.

So state, toward the beginning of the day, complete 10 push-ups, at that point 10 sit-ups, at that point 10 squats. Possibly a hour later, do it once more.

I would likewise prompt you don’t do this regular, notwithstanding when you can figure out how to. Your body expects time to rest and recuperate.

That is the place you really create quality, perseverance, and heatlh. In case you’re continually tearing down your body without giving it some rest, you will slow down your advancement.

Rather, I recommend you exercise 3-4 days seven days. I’ll state 3 for the time being, yet complete 4 in the event that you are as aggressive as Saitama or Genos. On the off chance that you want to go for additional, let me know how it goes… yet I envision that you’d rapidly level.

NOTE: Skip running for the time being on the off chance that you don’t care for it, as running has been the number 1 practice that directs an individual far from wellness – recounted understanding.

We need to ensure you begin little, however reliably! On the off chance that you need to include a bit of pursuing your exercise, don’t go insane. The greater part of the advantages will originate from alternate activities.

Here’s an example of how this exercise could investigate a multi week time span.

A Sample Starter One Punch Man Workout

Week 1:

  1. Monday: 5×5 Push-ups, 5×10 Sit-ups, 5×5 Squats
  2. Wednesday: 5×6 Push-ups, 5×11 Sit-ups, 5×6 Squats
  3. Friday: 5×7 Push-ups, 5×12 Sit-ups, 5×7 Squats

Week 2:

  1. Monday: 5×8 Push-ups, 5×13 Sit-ups, 5×8 Squats
  2. Wednesday: 5×9 Push-ups, 5×14 Sit-ups, 5×9 Squats
  3. Friday: 5×10 Push-ups, 5×15 Sit-ups, 5×10 Squats

Week 3:

  1. Monday: 7×6 Push-ups, 7×10 Sit-ups, 7×8 Squats
  2. Wednesday: 7×7 Push-ups, 7×11 Sit-ups, 7×9 Squats
  3. Friday: 7×8 Push-ups, 7×12 Sit-ups, 7×10 Squats

The thought is, you need to stick to sets of 5 to 7 in the beginning times. Increment your reps by 1 for every set until the point when you hit a level (which means, your advancement slows down). At that point include more sets with less reps.

So in the event that you can’t hit 5×10 (5 sets of 10 reps, 50 reps aggregate), following day, attempt 7×7 (7 sets of 7 reps, 49 reps aggregate). Along these lines, your reps is about the equivalent, yet you have them drawn out over a more drawn out timeframe, giving you an opportunity to recuperate.

Be that as it may, in the event that you can hit 5×10, you’d attempt 5×11 next exercise. Bode well? Continuously use 5-sets as your benchmark! Furthermore, at whatever point you feel like it, you can supplant an exercise day with a “test day”.

Which means, you attempt your hardest to make it to 100 of each activity.

What can i eat for this Workout?

Saitama just had one principle: don’t skip breakfast (and a banana in the first part of the day is fine, as well). In any case, in all actuality, your outcomes originates from your eating routine.

Fortunate for you, this isn’t troublesome. There’s 2 noteworthy necessities to build up your legend quality:

  • More protein – in any event .8g per pound of bodyweight. Don’t hesitate to complete somewhat more or somewhat less, however realize that you likely won’t require more than that.
  • More vegetables – to make defecations less demanding, to adjust your body’s PH, and to get a few nutrients and minerals. You ought to endeavor to eat a few vegetables with your protein

Diet is a gigantic theme with a great deal of feeling encompassing it, with a million distinct books and a million specialists revealing to you they realize what’s ideal. Do anything you desire as long as you get enough protein, and change in like manner.

In case you’re getting results with whatever diet you’re on (which means, you’re looker better, getting more grounded, accomplishing more reps, feeling less worn out), at that point do anything you desire.

In case you’re working out 3 days up to seven days, I’d likewise supplement your eating regimen with a scoop of protein powder at some point amid the day (in a perfect world post-exercise). My two top picks are:

  1. Ideal Nutrition’s Gold Standard for the best expense to-virtue
  2. Dymatize XT line for one of my most loved flavors without being stacked with different macros (Syntha-6, while delectable, has less “unadulterated” protein in the blend).

One Punch Man workout everyday for a week // 7 Days Challenge

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